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Ever watched the movie 'Back to the Future'? Don't we all secretly wish to revisit a period of time like Marty Mcfly did in the movie for good? It could be to change what we did or just to punch ourselves in the face because of the unbelievable stupid decisions we made in the past. As a fashion and movie lover, I would love to travel back to the past just to witness the different trends being developed by some of the most creative human beings ever lived.

If I am to choose a fashion era that I adore the most, it will have to be the 50s. How amazing would it be to live in the same era as some of the biggest names lived in, such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren? These women have all contributed a great deal of their lives building up professional images for women worldwide, and showed how women can be feminine and elegant yet independent and capable.

Fashion-wise, hourglass silhouette was the trend in the 50s. So in addition to full skirts that were popular in the 40s and early 50s, pencil skirts and sheath dresses were introduced to promote slender and form-fitting figures in mid and late 50s. Patterns tend to be polka dots and stripes, floral prints came in a little later in the 60s and 70s. Dresses though all fell in the 'just-above-knee' category. Sensibly, the transition of dress styles from 40s to 50s led to two main dress types, one that fitted at the waist area and widen from waist down, like the one shown in the photos below. Another that incorporated a firm girdle and tightly fitted through the whole body. 

Are you a nostalgic person like me? And when was your favourite fashion era?(:

To modernise the look, I let my hair down and loosen the curls and intense red lip. Also added in a pair of red-heels and handbag by Radley London.

Side-note: Had high-tea with my girl friend at Mandarin Oriental, yum(:~
|50s signature make-up look:|
Light eyeshadow, strong contour in the socket with winged eye-line and bold red lips.

| Dress: Hell Bunny UK | Handbag: Radley London | Coloured Wedges: g:21 Canada | Red Heels: New Look UK | Accessories: Mama Yeniva's Personal Collection |

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