Chill Saturday Night

by - 18:44:00

After a whole week of non-stop work, it was time to take a break and have some quality time with my close friends, FINALLY! Also time for me to dress up, YAY! Every girl has their own closet choice when it comes to chill nights, for me, I like to glam myself up. Now we all know that there is a very fine line between being glamorous and down right tacky, girls you DO NOT want to cross that line! 

The dress I wore was originally a tube dress that bares the shoulders, but as I was showing a great deal of my legs, I wore a black one shoulder black leotard underneath to balance out the look. This is a trick that I use all the time, I hope this tip will help you in the future too (:

|Tube Dress: JCool | Necklace: Forever 21| Heels: Forever 21 |

Wish you all had a nice weekend with your loved ones! Stay tuned for more fashion updates!

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