Embrace Your Inner Boldness

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Summer is the time to be bold and explore different sides of yourself. I always believe that we are not defined by one or a few identities, and that these change along with time and life experiences. 

Stubbornness gets you nowhere, explore your inner identities and better yourself everyday! Start from the way you dress. Why? You asked. Ever heard of the psychological phenomenon 'Your mind controls your behaviour'? Who you think you are makes you who you eventually are. Similarly, the way we dress changes our attitude. Feeling down in this gorgeous summer day? Brighten up your mood with something BRIGHT and BOLD! 

Forever 21 Floral Halter Dress £14/ HK$184

Forever 21 Southwestern Print Cutout Maxi Dress £16/ HK$210

| Dress: Forever 21 | Sandals: H&M |

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