Walking down the British Hong Kong Memory Lane

by - 11:50:00

Hong Kong, having been a British colony for 150 years and separated from Mainland China, has developed its unique local identity. Elements of Traditional Chinese culture combining British western influences have shaped Hong Kong in every facet, including its people and streets. I currently work in an area that is amongst the most British influenced locations in the city, Central. 

Being a nostalgic person who dreams to live in the 50s and 60s, I very much enjoy strolling around the area, embracing the nice combination of British origins and modern oriental essence. It is very true that only when you take a close enough look, that you realise just how beautiful your own city is! 

At a vintage shop around the corner, I found a straw handbag with a Union Jack bear-shaped print, which I thought was an interesting and fun design. The material is so light, it is perfect to be carried to the beach in this weather!  

| Watch: Adidas ADH9034 Union Jack SANTIAGO White Wristwatch| Union Jack Handbag: Small Vintage store at Kau U Fong Central | White Shirt: Cotton On | Pants: Reals Jean |

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