Last Glimpse of the Summer Sunshine

by - 21:44:00

With winter just around the corner, the weather in Hong Kong is gradually getting fresher. Soon enough, we will be seeing more and more long sleeves, leather pants, chunky knits, winter staples as such. As much as I love Christmas, I definitely prefer warmer weather. In my opinion, you can play around with your wardrobe much more in warm weather than in cold weather. 

So obviously, spotted the nice weather out this afternoon, I opted for a clear summer wardrobe choice. If you haven't already figured out my style yet, I believe in the combination of elegance and sassiness. Who says that two seemingly opposite qualities can't co-exist? They complement and balance out each other, giving just the right feminine vibe. 

For this particular look, the black high-waist pencil skirt is the essence, it accentuates the curve (my almost-not-there curve lol) and elongates the legs massively. Whereas, the half see-through lace crop top adds sassiness to the whole look.

| Top: Topshop | Pencil Skirt: Zara | Shoes: Outlet WanChai | 

Have fun mixing and matching, folks!

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