Unity in the Shade

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After spending most of the past weekend on travelling for work, I decided that I did not want to waste anymore time of the weekend on things I did not want to do.

Ever since a month ago, I have longed to do a shooting of the ongoing protest in Hong Kong as it marks a very critical page in Hong Kong history. Therefore, despite my tiredness, I decided to do it yesterday straight after I got off the flight in the morning (yeah, I am that hardcore). I opted for a full black outfit as black and yellow are the two official colours of this protest. I also went for a studded leather jacket to add the right amount of attitude to the whole look to match up with the intensity of the protest.

A little background on the "Umbrella Revolution" or "Occupy Central with Love and Peace" protest. It has erupted after the China's Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) announced its decision on proposed electoral reform. The NPCSC has disallowed civil nomination, wherein candidates for Hong Kong's chief executive election 2017 will first have to be vetted by Beijing. This act is a breach of the law as stated in article 45 in the Hong Kong Basic Law, in which the Chief executive of Hong Kong should be chosen by universal suffrage upon nomination by a broadly representative nominating committee as an eventual goal.

Having participated in the protest which has rumbled on for more than a month, the unique quality of HongKonger, especially the youth, has been evidenced. For the majority of the time I was at the site, the compassion and support coupled with the courage demonstrated by the protestors, I could feel the unity and also the love towards Hong Kong. This only proves the imperative need to advocate for more democracy to preserve the unique culture and quality cultivated in Hong Kong through these years. Admittedly, it is difficult to envisage the ending of this protest, however what matters is the process. It is the sweats, tears and effort put in that will mark this page of Hong Kong history. 

"Do not provoke the police. Do not give them reasons to exercise violence and clearance. "

| Shirt: H&M HK | Skirt: H&M UK | Leather Jacket: ASOS Petite | Knee-high Boots: Outlet HK | Handbag: ANS |

Keep Believing and Stay Awesome.

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