The Confusing Spring Weather

by - 01:17:00

The Weather is finally getting warmer in Hong Kong, as a fan of summer wear, I am so glad to be able to wear fewer layers and something much thinner and lighter! In a few months, I will be able to sit under the sun and get a nice tan, can't wait! With weather like this, one that is not so cold that you have to layer up crazy, yet not warm enough to bare too much of your skin, it's best to pair up a jacket and a summer item underneath. I opted for a summer dress, a pair of stockings and a long jacket. To make the look a bit more lively looking, I added big curls to my hair and wore a pair of heels with an interesting design.

Went to Taichung for vacation the last few days and got my ears pierced impromptu :P Also got the pair of earrings in Taichung, you can actually separate the two parts and pair them up with other earrings! Absolutely in love with the versatility it brings (: Chinese New Year is coming up very soon, I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year and have a fun time with your family and loved ones!

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