Versatile Closet Staple ep1: Dark Khaki Pants

by - 01:18:00

I have been absolutely worn out and overwhelmed with work and travelling the past few months, while taking care of everything else in life, especially during the holiday season. It is much of a relief to finally have everything wound up and be able to sit myself down in front of the laptop to write my blogpost, PHEW!

Since the beginning of this blog, I have always emphasised the importance of embracing your own style rather than indiscriminately following the most recent trend. For most of us, we cannot afford the time or the money to get ourselves aligned with the trend that changes expeditiously in a matter of months, I personally believe that it is much more practical to have timeless basic pieces and to work with them, adding in our own personal preferences, rather than spending tons on one designer piece which, let's face it, you will probably only wear it once a year. 

The piece I have chosen to work with here is a pair of blue khaki skinnies I got from ZARA HK. You could spice it up with some bright patterns and colours, or you could go for a more modest look with a patterned knitted top. I finished up the looks with heels and pumps here but you can casual the look up by opting for flats or oxfords.

It is always nice to spend time with close friends in the weekends, even if it means an impromptu meet-up or spending hours gossiping non-sense and having heart-to-hearts (sure you get what I mean). On the right of the photo is Wytane, my best friend and fashion blogger. Feel free to check out her blog as well at

Special thanks to Jacklin, a talented photographer, for taking the photos for me and also lending me her pair of Louis Vuitton Heartbeat Pump!

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