Less is More

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Do you remember the time you tried to find the shortest skirt so that you could flaunt in front of the school heartthrob in the hopes that you will catch a glimpse from him? Like the majority of girls, there was a period of time when I based my confidence almost entirely on how much attention I received from the male gender. I used to think that "Less is More" literally means wearing less will leave the male’s gaze glued to you like bees sticks to honey. But ask yourself this, how long-lasting is superficiality? And really, do you want someone to lust for you just for your body? There’s always going to be someone with thinner and longer legs, bigger boobs. Forget trying to win that competition. 

Right now I believe that revealing an appropriate amount of skin is so much more attractive and beautiful than showing all that cleavage, legs and what not. Girls, leave something to the imagination! By revealing selectively, you’re going to make him think about you day and night. My fashion rule: Never reveal more than 2 areas of your body. Let's say I were to reveal my neckline and upper-chest area, I would cover up the rest of my body. From a guy’s perspective - Girl’s glistening sweat under the summer sun is sexy but when you’re drenched with it, that’s a different story. Obviously though, if it was during summer, I would allow more to show.

About two weeks ago, I made a trip to Singapore to meet up with a good friend from University. With the steamy and humid weather in Singapore, it was practically impossible to put on more than one layer of clothing. So I chose a black leotard from back in my ballerina days, and since I was revealing my upper chest area and my arms, I covered the rest of my body up with my a light-blue maxi-skirt. Maxi-skirts and dresses are probably the best choices for such humid and warm weather as their textures are so flowy and breezy - its comfortable, sexy and elegant all at the same time! When you are on a trip, you know you will need to be on your feet a lot. You do not want to be in heels or anything uncomfortable, so I went for sandals which I bought in Singapore. 

There's a very fine line between looking skanky and sassy. Girls, remember the simple rule - Less is More. The right person will come to you for who you are and not how much you reveal.


Photos taken by K.Wong
Edited by P.Ho and P.Chestnut

| Maxi Skirt: ZARA HK | Black Sandals: Boutique in Singapore |

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