Casual Love Elegance

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Dressing casual generally implies being comfortable and dress down, whereas elegance is almost on the other end of the spectrum - polished, graceful and well... often uncomfortable. It is not common to see the two in light together but I was adamant to blend the two, sometimes you just have to take a risk. 

Being the minimalist that I am, I simply am not fond of the whole 10 layers - mix and match - crazy pattern on pattern idea. Then I noticed a dress my boyfriend recently got me, a floaty high-low hem dress. The essence here is the fine fushion of flowiness and lengthiness, they represent both elements and satisfy my greedy desire of having the best of both worlds. To finish off, I added my gold-toned necklace and watch, paired with my leopard-print semi-casual sandal wedges. In such humid weather in Hong Kong, this wardrobe choice can never go wrong. It's breezy, casual and elegant.

Photos taken by W.Au

A nice cup of Earl Grey Latte is always a treat for the weekend (:

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